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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start receiving my G.I. Bill®?

There are two items we need to start the process: 1) your certificate of eligibility (COE) from the VA - you will need to apply at and this process can take approximately one month to receive your COE. 2) you must complete the Bunker Intake Form. Once we have both forms, we will begin the process of certifying your benefits. Learn more about your benefits here

Will I get reimbursed if I have to pay my tuition and fees upfront while I am waiting for my benefits to begin?

Yes, students who have to pay for tuition and fees up front while they are waiting for their benefits to begin will get reimbursed once their benefits begin. Only applicable to students using Chapter 33 or Chapter 31 VA benefits, and, in some cases, military tuition assistance.

What is considered full-time status for benefits?

Typically, 12 credit hours over a 16-week semester is considered full-time. Learn more about the VA's policy on full-time status and the rate-of-pursuit here

Why haven't I been paid yet?

First, ensure all your documents are submitted to our office so we can begin the process and certify you for the academic term in question. If all paperwork has been submitted and we have certified you for the term, then you will need to ensure you have verified your enrollment to the VA for the month. (A process required for Chapter 1606 recipients and Chapter 33 recipients). If all of these have been accomplished, you will need to contact the VA Education Hotline at 888-442-455. Please note: most payments will be deposited on the first day of the month or 5-7 business days after verification of enrollment). Our office does not process or manage payments to students, and cannot see the status of any pending payments from the VA. Only the VA has access to payment information. 

Will my G.I. Bill benefits cover my academic deposit and housing deposit?

No, those deposits are the responsibility of the student and must be paid up front. For Non-Resident students who are eligible for the in-state tuition rate due to GI Bill usage or being an active, drilling member of a WV National Guard or Reserve unit, you must still pay the Non-Resident rates for academic and housing deposits.

I am Chapter 33 100%, but I have a balance from my dorm and meal plan. Why do I have that balance?

These costs are not directly covered by your G.I. Bill - only tuition and fees. You are responsible for paying that balance prior to any WVU set deadline, but can begin using your monthly housing allowance (MHA) from the VA to pay yourself back for those costs. 

Do I receive the in-state rate of tuition using the GI Bill as a non-resident student?

Non-resident students using Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 35, or Chapter 33 of the G.I. Bill will receive the in-state tuition rate. Chapter 1606 students who are NOT actively drilling in a Guard or Reserve unit within the State of West Virginia will pay the out-of-state tuition rate. 

Note: Non-resident students will need to submit to our office an official memorandum from their unit stating they are an active drilling member in that unit.

Students who received the in-state tuition rate for using their VA education benefits but exhaust those benefits will be reverted back to the out-of-state tuition rate per WVU policy. Students who had institutional scholarships reduced to the in-state rate must request the scholarships be reinstated to the out-of-state rate upon reverting back to the out-of-state tuition rate. This can be accomplished by contacting the WVU Scholarship Office.