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Student Responsibilities

  • My VA benefits will be certified each fall and spring semester. Each summer semester or intersession will require written student request.

  • It is my responsibility to know when my benefits are expiring and to notify my Certifying Official of the expiration date.

  • It is my responsibility to promptly notify a certifying official of any registration changes and understand those changes may create a debt with the VA.

  • Only courses that fulfill degree requirements can be certified for VA purposes. Courses that fulfill a minor are not able to be certified unless your major requires a minor.

  • If my benefits are extended, I will send a copy of the VA documentation confirming this to a certifying official. (only applies to Chapter 33 and 33T, Post 9/11).

  • I am responsible for paying all charges other than tuition and fees. Other charges could include housing, meals, etc. (only applies to Chapter 33 and 33T, Post 9/11).

Student Resources

Veteran/Military Policies

Our office is bound by VA policy, WVU policy, and state and federal law. Please read to learn about policies and laws that impact your G.I. Bill® and TA.

Read About Veteran/Military Policies

Distance Learning

Distance learning (online courses) can have an impact on your stipend payout via your G.I. Bill. Learn more about the requirements.

Read About Distance Learning Policies

Military Leave Policy

Being in the military there are times when servicemembers are called to duty. Learn more about WVU's military leave and attendance policy.

Read About Military Leave Policy

Study Rooms

WVU libraries and the Health Sciences Center offer study rooms and lounges for exclusive use by WVU veteran and military students.

Read more about Study Rooms

Student Services

Accessibility Services

We encourage all students who believe they have a disability to work with our Office of Accessibility Services (OAS).

Learn More About OAS

Health Care

There are several VA healthcare options in the North-Central West Virginia region. 

Learn More About Healthcare Options

Support Services

As a WVU student there are a variety of sources to assist you in your academic and career goals. 

Learn More About Student Services


Your G.I. Bill and TA may not cover all your college expenses. Learn more about your other funding options. 

Learn More About WVU HUB

Mountaineer Bunker Tutoring Services

The Mountaineer Bunker is proud to offering tutoring services to our veteran and military-connected students.

Find out more about our Tutoring Services