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Veteran and Military Policies

Change of Major/Add, Drop, Withdraw/Degree Pursuant

It is extremely important that students contact their certifying official before adding or withdrawing from courses. Making changes to your schedule can result in a debt owed back to the VA and/or to WVU.

If a decision is made to make a major change, our office will need to be made aware of this change and report it to the VA. A prior credit evaluation will also need to be completed by your new adviser to show how many credits will be awarded for the new major.

Degree pursuant courses are those that are listed in the catalog and count toward your chosen major. (Check with your adviser to make sure all courses are degree pursuant).

A minor can be counted as degree pursuant as long as it is needed for your major. (Check with your adviser to ask if a minor can be degree pursuant).

12 credit hours spanning the entire 16-week term is considered full time for undergraduate students.

Graduate full-time status depends on the term length a student is taking a class(es) and how many credits a student is taking during that term.