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Military Leave and Attendance Policy

Military Leave/Attendance Policy 

WVU supports its students who are also members of the United States armed forces, reserve units, and National Guard. Absences of less than three weeks of course work for military obligation (i.e. drill or training) are university sanctioned absences. WVU’s Center for Veteran, Military, and Family Programs has additional information on the drill schedule for the West Virginia National Guard and can provide official verification of student’s military orders upon request.

University sanctioned absences are absences in which instructors provide opportunities to make up missed substantial class work or activities (e.g., assignments, exams) and will not penalize students for those absences. University sanctioned absences include mandatory military obligation, mandatory court appearances, and participation in university activities at the request of university authorities. Instructors are expected to be flexible in allowing students to make up work missed due to university sanctioned absences. Instructors and students may consult with their Dean’s Office on events that constitute official university sanctioned events.

Students have an obligation to inform their instructor as soon as possible by providing an email attachment with a copy of orders showing your military obligation.  If there are any issues, questions, or concerns by instructor or student, please contact our office for more information.